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Things All Liars Have In Common

things all liars have in common

According to some study at the University of Massachusetts, 60% of people can’t go 10 minutes without lying. People in the study of the University of Massachusetts have told an average of 3 lies in their conversation. The lead researcher in the study said: “Women were more likely to lie to make the person they were talking to feel good, while men lied most often to make themselves look better”. This shows that men and women lie in different ways. These are some things that all liars have in common.

Liars Are Insecure

People who are insecure often lie. They lie to make themselves feel better. They think that they can connect with others by spreading lies and can feel better about themselves. Lairs are insecure in their relationship and they lie to feel secure. This is a very common thing in all liars. They just want to feel secure by lying.

They Hide Their Feelings

Liars not only hide the truth but they also hide their feelings. They often lie to hide their feelings. They lie to avoid facing the facts. People lie because they don’t want to share anything with others. They just want to hide their feelings and keep it to themselves only. So they lie in this matter.

They Are Controlling

One of the reasons why people lie is that they want to control the feelings of others. They want to control how people feel. If they know their audience well, they can manipulate how other people react by making something or by stretching the truth. This is not at all good to control the feelings of others by lying.

They Are Hurt

People often lie because they are hurt inside. They are often hiding their pain. They lie because they don’t want to let anyone know how much it hurts. They don’t want to let anyone know that they are in pain. They are hurt. They are broken. They lie to keep all this inside them. They don’t want to make anyone upset by telling their pain.

They Are Good Listeners

This is also common in all liars that they can listen to others. In fact, they are the very good listener. They gather information by listening other people and use this information in future. They know all things about people and then lie. They make something that people more likely to believe. By studying people they know exactly what to say.

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Focus On One Thing At A Time To Achieve Success


Every person in this world has a lot of goals and achievements to conquer but it is not easy to conquer them all at once. If you do not focus on one of them at a time, you are not going to achieve them. Most of the people have eyes bigger than their stomach that is they put a lot in their plate than they could actually eat. The same is the case with our minds. When we put in a lot of information we end up forgetting most of the things.

Simple Is Better:

Why to create a complicated mess in your mind when simplicity is better and fine. Focusing on one thing helps us to retain information related to it in our minds as it helps freeing up space in our mind. It may be difficult to focus on one thing and our mind may drift. Try to catch up your mind when it drifts and re-focus. When the things are simple and you focus on one thing, your concentration power increases and thus you can dominate success and deceive failures.

Avoid Multi-Tasking:


Focus on one thing is important to get success as focusing on more than one is equal to achieve neither of them. Trying to accomplish a lot of goals at a time makes us feel productive and busier but it invariably makes us less productive. Productivity isn’t about how fast we work and how much busy we are. It is actually how much we accomplish. Multi-tasking is the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time.

Fear May Join:



Fears may serve as an obstacle while going to achieve your goal. If you try to achieve a lot of goals at once, all of the fears accumulate like a monster making you easily give up. Giving up is not the solution, focusing on one thing is. When you focus on one thing you get a little fear with each of them to handle and it gets easy for you to deal with it.

Be Patient:



Patience is also a requirement. It is a human condition that we cannot wait for the things we want to get. But if you really want to achieve your goals you have to figure out which thing you want to achieve first and what can be achieved a year later. It is really all about focus and focus on one thing.

How To Focus On One Thing:

To accomplish a long list of things you have to write down all of your goals in a free-mode. It means that you should not interrupt yourself while writing. Find out which goals are you more passionate about and which are less important to you. Estimate that how much time you will take in accomplishing one goal and how much it will take to accomplish other. Select the first thing and set up a specific time to work and focus on one thing. Try to cut off your emotional distractions and if you cannot cut them off, think about them for a minute, let yourself be distracted and then put them aside to focus on your goal. Don’t forget to celebrate each of your accomplishment.

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How You Can Find Happiness In Life


“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.”

Valerie Bertinelli.

When we think about the word “Happiness” we tend to think about some things in future like vacations, promotions, travelling your dream place, having a baby and so on. But happiness never requires us to think about future. It is something that can be found every day in some never depends on some external conditions but on your mental attitude. There are several tips you can apply in order to find happiness in life.

Appreciate Small Things:


One of the ways to find happiness in life is to appreciate little things in your life. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect. Many of the little things in life go unnoticed and we take them for granted instead of celebrating it. We all have so many blessings in our life but we never realize. We just wait for big moments to come so we can celebrate it but the truth is that embracing small things in life gives you inner peace and joy which redirects your focus on positive things.

Let your thoughts slow down:


Let your thoughts and life slow down for a moment. Take a look at everything going on in the surroundings. If you are in the middle of an amazing moment, enjoy it. Take time to smell the roses. Notice the details. If you are listening to music, close your eyes and enjoy it. Don’t let the distracting and negative thoughts come in your way. There are a large amount of things you have in your everyday life to find happiness in life but you miss it by thinking about your past mistakes and worrying for your future.

Make Someone Else Happy:


A best way to find happiness in life is by making somebody happy. Science says that when you smile you’re actually happier. Smile when you see a stranger passing by. But just don’t stop at smiles give someone a big hug, hold their hand, cook their favorite food, help them doing their work, present them their favorite books. It is a fact that when you make someone else happy you find inner satisfaction that makes you happy.

Stop Worrying:


Make yourself happy and stop worrying about the future as it is uncertain. Do things that make you happy. Learn to live for today.

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

Omar Al Khayyam.

So don’t let negative circumstances come in and ruin your life. Don’t be sad at your failures, instead learn from them. Take a 2 minute laugh break and let yourself be happy for the moment.

Don’t Compare YOU To Others:


Stop comparing your life, start living it. And once you do you will find happiness in life. Comparison is the thief of joy, says Theodore Roosevelt. People always compare their life to others in a wrong way. They compare their worst with other’s best which leads to emptiness and misery. Focus on your dreams and goals. Enjoy your accomplishments instead of being competitive.

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