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6 Qualities Of Successful Leaders

Successful Leaders

John C Maxwell said that leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. The word “leader” may make you think of someone in some high position or rank. But leadership has nothing to do with being in a higher position but the power and support behind any team or organization. Successful people have great qualities. A leader is the one who knows how to keep the team members work hard and stay motivated. They know how to nurture the strengths and skills of people and serve as a way of guidance. So what makes a successful leader? Here are some qualities of the world’s most successful leaders:

A Good Communicator:


One of the best qualities possessed by successful leaders is that they are strong communicators. They do not fear or hesitate to communicate their vision in front of others because unless you do not communicate your vision to others in an effective way it will be difficult to get correct results. It includes sharing valuable information, clearing misunderstandings and conveying new ideas.

Encourage Creativity And Innovation:

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve jobs.

A leader has the confidence to foster creativity and explore new ideas. This will move the whole organization towards a new destination. Creativity and innovation is something that makes one a successful leader and stays around for the long-term. Also, the leader encourages the team members to set some time for exploring new and creative ideas.



Successful leaders know how to manage their time, attention and focus. They know about their strengths and weakness and they are also aware of their emotions and feelings and know to deal with them so that they respond to other in a proper and authentic way. They possess the ability to control them and manage their stress.

Take A Little More Than Their Share Of Blame:


Successful leaders don’t run away from their responsibilities and pull the thumb before they point the finger. They don’t make excuses and try to find out the possible solutions.

“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.”                                                                                                                                                              Arnold H. Glasow.

A true leader passes the credit and inspires those beneath them. They turn each mishap into an opportunity and fix the problem which makes them trustworthy and long-tenured.

They Possess Sense Of Humor:


It may sound flippant but it isn’t. Having a sense of humor is one of the best qualities of successful leaders. It fosters productivity and help leaders to deal effectively with the team members. Researches show that humor is the best tension breaker in the workplace. The more humorous the leader is, the more honest and open people tend to be which opens the paths towards success and innovation.

Problem Solvers:


Leadership is solving problems. A good leader listens to the problems of his team members and helps them solve out. According to Colin Powell, the day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. Successful leaders handle the sensitive issues directly and take effective decisions to solve them.

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Focus On One Thing At A Time To Achieve Success


Every person in this world has a lot of goals and achievements to conquer but it is not easy to conquer them all at once. If you do not focus on one of them at a time, you are not going to achieve them. Most of the people have eyes bigger than their stomach that is they put a lot in their plate than they could actually eat. The same is the case with our minds. When we put in a lot of information we end up forgetting most of the things.

Simple Is Better:

Why to create a complicated mess in your mind when simplicity is better and fine. Focusing on one thing helps us to retain information related to it in our minds as it helps freeing up space in our mind. It may be difficult to focus on one thing and our mind may drift. Try to catch up your mind when it drifts and re-focus. When the things are simple and you focus on one thing, your concentration power increases and thus you can dominate success and deceive failures.

Avoid Multi-Tasking:


Focus on one thing is important to get success as focusing on more than one is equal to achieve neither of them. Trying to accomplish a lot of goals at a time makes us feel productive and busier but it invariably makes us less productive. Productivity isn’t about how fast we work and how much busy we are. It is actually how much we accomplish. Multi-tasking is the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time.

Fear May Join:



Fears may serve as an obstacle while going to achieve your goal. If you try to achieve a lot of goals at once, all of the fears accumulate like a monster making you easily give up. Giving up is not the solution, focusing on one thing is. When you focus on one thing you get a little fear with each of them to handle and it gets easy for you to deal with it.

Be Patient:



Patience is also a requirement. It is a human condition that we cannot wait for the things we want to get. But if you really want to achieve your goals you have to figure out which thing you want to achieve first and what can be achieved a year later. It is really all about focus and focus on one thing.

How To Focus On One Thing:

To accomplish a long list of things you have to write down all of your goals in a free-mode. It means that you should not interrupt yourself while writing. Find out which goals are you more passionate about and which are less important to you. Estimate that how much time you will take in accomplishing one goal and how much it will take to accomplish other. Select the first thing and set up a specific time to work and focus on one thing. Try to cut off your emotional distractions and if you cannot cut them off, think about them for a minute, let yourself be distracted and then put them aside to focus on your goal. Don’t forget to celebrate each of your accomplishment.

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How Reading Books Can Change Your Life

Reading Books

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R Martin.

We humans have very limited knowledge about the outside world. Most of us read books provided by the school just for the sake of grades. But these books provide us with just a single view of a single writer about any topic. So we are responsible for educating ourselves and the best way to educate ourselves is through reading books. Good books have the power to change your perspective on life. Here is how:

It Is Good For Your Brain:


Just like workout enhances your physical health and strengthens it, reading books gives strength to your mental health and serves as an exercise for your brain. Studies show that people who read books are less likely to experience Alzheimer’s disease, than those who don’t. It also sharpens your mind and improves your memory as you age.

Reading Builds Confidence:


While reading books you may go through certain hardships and struggles made by people that helps you gain self-confidence. There may be some stories matching your situation and by reading those out you develop confidence and belief upon yourself to manage and cope up with that situation in a different and better way. It makes you realize that not only us but everybody face difficult situations in life and that all of us are imperfect.

It Serves To Reduce Stress:


Reading books helps you reduce stress. When you read a book it lets you to forget all of your problems for some time and relax. A study shows that reading reduces your stress up to 68%. Not only stress but reading enables you to cope up with your mood disorders and helps people experiencing mild symptoms of bipolar disorder. It brings a sense of peace and improves your mental health.

Reading Improves Your Imagination:


“A book is a device to ignite the imagination.”

Alan Bennet.

The best way to broaden your imagination is to read a book. Reading books opens up you to a different location and characters. This will expose your brain to new scenarios and will improve your imagination. Eventually it will lead you to imagine about stuff which will lead you to write on your own and create different stories.

Reading Books Flexes Your Empathy:


When you read you are like a receiver, receiving what the writer has written in the book. While reading you go through fiction as well as non-fiction. Those who read a lot of fiction understand people and their emotions in a much better way which makes us more empathetic. We become more kind, gentle and humble towards others which make us wiser.

Reading Helps You Sleep Better:


Reading books is an excellent part of bed time routine. It helps your body shut down. Typically when you read, you sit in a comfortable position and in a quiet place which contributes to relaxation as well as sleepiness. It will move your attention away from all the worries of the outside world. According to the study of Dr. David Lewis from University of Sussex found that reading a good book takes just 6 minutes to relax your body and mind, leading you to sleep.

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